With years of experience working alongside the utilities sector, we collaborate closely with our clients from the beginning, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their specific requirements, ensuring peace of mind throughout the process.

Our customisable units are tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring comfort and functionality on any site.



Can you do site visits, to help us with our requirements?

Yes, we have a team with over 50 Years of experience. So, on request we will come to site. On site, we will be able to format a plan regarding size, quantity and if any special requirements are needed

What is the shortest period people can hire your Cabins?

You can have them for 1 day, however there is a minimum hire charge of 4 weeks. This cost will cover the testing and cleaning prior to delivery.

Am I able to arrange a time slot for my Delivery or Collection?

Due to the factors out of Kensite’s Control (Traffic, Holdups on site etc). We cannot guarantee a time slot. However, Our Transport team will always endeavour to meet requested times. All drivers will contact the site contact before leaving Kensite

What if the unit needs repairing?

Firstly, we will try to diagnose any issue over the phone. However, if needed we have a team of Electricians, Plumbers and Engineers what can be sent the repair any issue.

What are the terms of Payment?

Payment terms are strictly 30 days from the date of invoice unless otherwise agreed.


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At Kensite, we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our offerings and ensure that our clients benefit from the best in construction and site accommodation.


At Kensite, we’re always pushing boundaries and looking forward to what the future holds for our business and our clients. As part of that ongoing commitment, we are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our team, Jeanette Finch, who stepped into her role as Business Development Director this month.


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