As a leading provider of complete site solutions, Kensite offers a diverse range of site accommodation. But our commitment goes beyond the structures themselves; we provide a suite of site services, from installation to maintenance, electrical installation, water replenishment and waste servicing, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your on-site needs. 


Drying Rooms 

Beyond a space for changing, our site accommodation drying rooms are tailored to enhance staff comfort. Featuring benches, heating, and coat hooks, these rooms offer dedicated areas for changing into workwear and storing personal belongings. These rooms ensure that your team starts the day prepared and in optimal working condition. 


Kensite’s offices are more than just a workspace; they are a hub for productivity. Equipped with the essentials, these units provide a professional environment for focused work, helping your team stay on track and efficient. 

Meeting Rooms 

Facilitate effective on-site collaboration with Kensite’s meeting rooms. Designed for discussions and decision-making, these spaces offer a dedicated environment for team interaction, ensuring seamless communication. Kensite’s meeting rooms come fully fitted with LED lights, plug sockets and a whiteboard and pinboard as standard, enhancing your team’s productivity and collaboration. 


Our canteens are more than just break areas; they foster a sense of community. Equipped with sinks and ample seating, create a comfortable space for your team to recharge and connect, enhancing the overall on-site experience. Additionally, we offer kitchen packages that include white goods, providing a convenient and fully-equipped solution for your workplace. 

Washroom Facilities 

Choose from our range of washroom facilities, configured to meet site welfare regulations and support your project. From compact units to more extensive solutions, Kensite ensures that sanitation is convenient and accessible on every site, carrying out maintenance and water replenishment post-installation. 

Selecting the right site accommodation is pivotal for a successful project. With Kensite, you not only get quality structures but also versatile options to tailor your setup according to the unique requirements of your team and project.  

Any of our site units can be combined to create the perfect workspace for you. We even offer dual-purpose units such as our combined office and meeting room units or our combined drying rooms with washroom facilities, ideal for those large-scale jobs.  

Elevate on-site comfort, productivity, and well-being with our comprehensive site accommodation solutions and services. Want to find out more about Kensite’s range of site accommodation? Get in touch today!  


Explore Kensite’s comprehensive site solutions and services. From drying rooms and offices to canteens and washroom facilities


At Kensite, we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our offerings and ensure that our clients benefit from the best in construction and site accommodation.


At Kensite, we’re always pushing boundaries and looking forward to what the future holds for our business and our clients. As part of that ongoing commitment, we are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our team, Jeanette Finch, who stepped into her role as Business Development Director this month.


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