Delving into the Role

As Kensite’s Business Development Director, Jeanette has a rich array of responsibilities. One of her significant undertakings is introducing our rebranding initiative. This venture is not only about giving Kensite a fresh look but also about strengthening our existing relationships and forging new ones. Jeanette has swiftly reconnected with our client base, fostering better customer relationships, and ensuring their needs are aptly met.

What Drives Jeanette?

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, Jeanette’s passion for the role becomes palpable. For her, it’s all about the connection. “Connecting with the customers, understanding the intricate dynamics of the industry, and offering bespoke solutions are what drive me,” she shared. Jeanette believes in building robust relationships that not only address client needs but also provide them with optimal solutions.

Journey to Kensite

While this is Jeanette’s first journey with Kensite, she is by no means a newbie in the industry. With a remarkable background spanning over a decade in welfare and accommodation, Jeanette’s expertise are clear. Her strong regional relationships and commendable presence have made her a recognised name in the sector. It’s no wonder she came highly recommended to Kensite, and we couldn’t be more elated to have her on board.

Looking Ahead with Excitement

Jeanette’s timing couldn’t be better. Kensite is on the cusp of celebrating a remarkable milestone – our 35th anniversary. “It’s an exciting time to join the company,” she mentions. With a renewed focus on infrastructure customers, the future looks incredibly promising.

Kensite has always been at the forefront of evolution, from the services we offer to the talent that drives our vision. With Jeanette Finch as our new Business Development Director, we’re confident about stepping into a future filled with growth, innovations, and stronger customer relationships.


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At Kensite, we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our offerings and ensure that our clients benefit from the best in construction and site accommodation.


At Kensite, we’re always pushing boundaries and looking forward to what the future holds for our business and our clients. As part of that ongoing commitment, we are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our team, Jeanette Finch, who stepped into her role as Business Development Director this month.


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